She is my biggest music crush lately and it's been a while since I had a crush that intense.
I discovered her thanks to Twitter, a bunch of the people I follow were mentioning her so I decided to satisfy my curiosity and listen to her album. Best. Decision. Ever.
I love her voice, so powerful, strong, you can even hear tears in it. 
Her lyrics are amazing. You see that every verse was carefully written.
And her lives are better than her studio sessions and in my opinion that's how you recognize a real artist.
So thanks to Twitter and the great people I follow.
Which reminds me I have to listen to Franck Ocean, if you have please tell me what you think of him.

Here's the song that speaks the most to me:



Vincent Cassel for YSL

I love Vincent Cassel mainly because he's married to my biggest girl crush ever, Monica Bellucci.
And I understand it very well, he has this french arrogance/charm that kept my eyes on the screen the whole time I was watching this ad.
I don't know who this Darren Aronofsky is but he's -beep- talented.


La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (VF - 2'15'') - Director Darren Aronofsky from Transparence Consulting on Vimeo.


Jennifer Lopez by Ellen von Unwerth for TOUS Spring 2011 Campaign