Meet Rita Ora

*jumps around*

I don't know if you remember me talking about Rita Ora and how I couldn't wait for Roc Nation to officially introduce her. Well it's here!
In reaction to the whole Rihanna x Chris Brown situation there was no official statement just the introduction of another of Roc Nation bombshell.

Although they may look alike hair wise, Rita Ora can actually sing! Plus she had blonde hair before Rihanna.

The week following the release of Rihanna & Chris Brown's songs, Jay Z went to Z100 to introduce one of Rita Ora songs Party & Bullsh*t and this morning at 8am (UK) she released another of her song R.I.P.

You may remember this song because Drake wrote it and it was around the Internet, I'm ready for ya was its name.
The song features Tinie Tempah, an artist that I've been wanting to check out for more than a year now so this featuring is the reason why I'm currently (finally) downloading his mixtapes.

I can't wait for what comes next from Rita Ora & the fact that she's singing a Drake's song makes me happy since I love how Drake writes & put feelings into words.

I'm done talking, lol.
Here are Hot Right Now, Party & Bullsh*t R.I.P.

Plus, if you're interested here's a Rita Ora playlist I'm putting together.