It was thursday and it was amazing.
If you follow me on twitter you already know how I was anticipating this show.

She is genuine, cute, stylish, beautiful, gorgeous, kind, sweet, lovely and so on.

I heard from her first in Fashiz'black Mag and made a mental note to check her out.
Then I saw people talking about her on twitter and then I saw that she was coming to Montréal.
I decided to buy my ticket before getting her album & was so happy w. my decision once I did.
Her voice is so relaxing, healing, powerful and she makes you feel what she's saying.
(I don't know if that makes sense but she really does!)

The show was amazing. I loved every second of it.
First I loved the choice of Le Belmont to do it.
It's an intimate and chill little space and it was perfect.
The crowd was nice: people smiling, chilling, drinking, singing along with her.
And of course Lianne.

She was soooo genuine! So happy that we were there (& it was a mutual feeling).
She talked with us, joked with us, gave us a wonderful musical experience and made us happy.
I swear by the end of the show I could not stop smiling.
The climax of the show was when me and my friends realized that she was still outside and ran out and got to take a picture with her and how sweet she was even though she had to leave.

On a more shallow note, her outfit was perfect!
I love the leather skirt, the shoes, the shirt with fringes, the sequin collar, the make up.

Here's a video of the show.
It does no justice to how good it was but you should check it out to see how amazing she is.


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Marou said...

shoutout to zooming on her heels lol, i caught that. she's just flawless