TKLR Vintage Space

I really love it when my friends make big step toward their ultimate goals so I had to go support Robin for the launching of his vintage space last friday.

The space is located at The Backroom, if you live in Montreal there's no way you don't know where that is (right next to H&M) and there's no way you can't go there to check it out.

I love that it's little space with the racks of clothes along the walls & some dressers.  
You don't get the "oh my God, where to start?!" feeling you get in F21 or H&M & that's refreshing!

Add to that the fact that the clothes are great and it's the perfect shopping experience!
Which is why you should probably go check it out at 1118 Ste Catherine West, Suite 305.

Superfluous' Mark Mettler & Adam Taubert were there too.
Robin, his grillz & his beard.
Bibiche going through the clothes

& my outfit for the night:
Topshop skirt, anonymous shirt, Aldo bag.


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