If you read the blog often, you know that Osheaga is one of my favorite things about Montréal: three days with music, sun and people who came to have fun is something very hard to top in my books.

I spent the three days of Osheaga Festival in great company with Marie Claire and we tried to see almost everyone we had made a plan to see & were pretty successful at it (sorry Icona Pop but we had to stay to the main stage to have great places for Kendrick :/).

It was an amazing week end and the perfect way to feel like you're away from the city since it's kinda far to go there and the fact that almost everyone was from out of Québec there also helped. Plus the sun, the good weather (except for 20 minutes of rain on Sunday), the great music and the Gaufrabec truck helped a lot to make this musical week end an amazing experience. 
It's definitely something I'll be doing next year if the line up is interesting.

We managed to see a total of 20 artists and honestly there is not one I disliked.
It would've been 22 if Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks made it but I'm not mad since I'm sure I'll find a way to see them live anyway. I'm just a little mad at the little rollercoaster of happiness/deception evenko made me go through when they announced Miguel was gonna replace Frank but didn't finally due to a scheduling conflict with a member of his band.

Lianne La Havas
 Ellie Goulding



OSHEAGA starts tomorrow & although Frank Ocean cancelled, I'm super excited for it!
I went last year but made a super bad outfit choice: my super flowy, not comfy for a festival but oh so gorgeous dress. Which is why this year I decided to help whoever is about to make the same mistake I made last year and do a what to wear post.



Ever since Justin did his come back I feel like there's a contest between him and Robin Thicke to know who is gonna be the favorite black white guy. From the polished hair cut, to the kind of music, to the suit & tie style I'm sure it's easy for people to confuse them. From my perspective, it seems like Robin Thicke used JT away time to get more recognition and now that Justin's back he wants his spot back. I'm just waiting for a featuring between the two to shut every rivalry rumor up.

Here two of my favorite songs of the moment to illustrate my point.




Before I start to talk about how amazing this concert was I wanna thank whoever invented WeDemand.
Me, my sister and a couple of friends were already making plans to go see Solange in Québec so I was super happy and excited when I saw that there was a way we could make her come to Montréal.


Par Mamy Tall


Du 15 au 17 Mai, se déroulait pour la première fois à Montréal la Black Fashion Week. Après avoir parcouru de grandes villes telles que Paris et Prague, ce grand rendez-vous de la mode africaine qui a pour but de « faire connaître la création noire contemporaine au delà des frontières africaines » et initié par Adama Paris, est venu ouvrir ses portes à de grands designers africains montréalais. 
L'évènement a tout d'abord débuté avec une soirée de lancement Black and Gold à laquelle j'ai eu la chance de participer. Au cours de cette soirée assez chic et glamour nous avons pu rencontrer mannequins, journalistes, photographes ainsi que les membres du staff. Une bonne introduction à ces deux journées de défilés!
Ce sont, en effet, les 16 et 17 Mai que les défilés ont eu lieu dans la magnifique Église Saint Jean-Baptiste se trouvant dans le plateau du Mont Royal (+1 pour le choix du lieu, l'architecture intérieure est saisissante)! Pendant ces deux jours nous avons eu la chance de découvrir une douzaine de créateurs venant du monde entier et voulant se faire connaître du public québécois. 
Ce que j'ai pu remarquer pendant les défilés, c'est l'absence de thématique, j'ai pu sentir qu'ils avaient laissé libre court à leur imagination et à leur créativité.
Voici en photo les différents défilés auxquels j'ai eu la chance d'assister.



Once again I've been very busy! Ever since my last post I've been doing the public relations for Black Fashion Week Montréal, it was an amaaaazing and extremely rewarding experience and I can't wait to do it again for the next edition. Doing the PR for Black Fashion Week Montréal meant waking up at 5am for an interview at 6am with CBC Radio One but also being on the cover of Montréal's Gazette and having stories on Metro Montréal, Radio Canada International, National Post, StyleListCanada, StyleList Québec, Journal de Montréal, HuffingtonPost QuébecGlobalNews, Montreal.TV, LouLou and interviews on CBC's CinqASixMedium Large & Penelope McQuade to only name a few plus a partnership with ELLE Québec. So I'm very very very happy. I've also had my first up-do done by Adama Paris for the event and loved it! Now I just need to find a way to do it myself. For the two days of BFWM, around 1800 people attended the event and the finale by Elie Kuame was just breathtaking. Right after Black Fashion Week Montréal, I started an internship at MAKE UP FOR EVER, I've been wanting to work here for two years now and I'm really happy that I get to and so far I am loving it!

I've asked a friend to write a story about Black Fashion Week, it should be up soon ;)



February through Instagram

This month I attended Montreal's Fashion Week, I did a line-up at the Bell Center to get 
tickets to see Beyoncé this summer, I did not try something new at Juliette & Chocolat 
because I don't see the point in changing a winning team, I went to church and 
decided that I would try to do that more often, I got my business cards ready and 
had the opportunity to finally use this super nice business cards holder I got
and I found a creative way to instagram my everyday make up tools! 

What did you do?




After spending a month adjusting to this new year & the challenges ahead of me I'm back.
I wish you all a year filled with health, happiness, love & everything you wish for yourself.
This is more of a "I'm back" post so here's some pictures to show you 
what I've been up to during the holidays.