Before I start to talk about how amazing this concert was I wanna thank whoever invented WeDemand.
Me, my sister and a couple of friends were already making plans to go see Solange in Québec so I was super happy and excited when I saw that there was a way we could make her come to Montréal.

The concert was really good! It felt like a huge 90s party with all the dance moves and the music and the fact that I was fingers away from Solange was, obviously, a plus. The setlist was a mix of 11 of her songs and she performed from 9.30 to 11.ish.

I never had so much fun at a concert, she made us dance with her, had classic 90s dance moves that we couldn't help replicate and singing along with her while she was looking at me in the eyes was pretty dope!

Solange is one of my fashion crushes and she did not deceive me, I absolutely LOVED her outfit. At first she had a green high waisted short with a cropped black leather top and a green & white jacket (that reminds me a lot of the jacket they do in Senegal - where she was in vacation) and she changed into a white shirt when her cropped top shoulder strap gave up due to the dance moves.

And another plus is that we actually saw her after the show and she is honestly soo sweet!
She said that she loved Senegal when I asked her how it was and hugged each one of us before leaving.


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