OSHEAGA starts tomorrow & although Frank Ocean cancelled, I'm super excited for it!
I went last year but made a super bad outfit choice: my super flowy, not comfy for a festival but oh so gorgeous dress. Which is why this year I decided to help whoever is about to make the same mistake I made last year and do a what to wear post.

If this year is anything like last year, there's gonna be a lot of walking from scene to scene and a lot of not walking so much because of the human traffic. This year I'm leaving my open toes home & going with Vans/Converse, they're comfortable, go well with everything and if someone walk on your feet it's not gonna hurt as much as if it was on your feet.

My second outfit decision is to do whatever I can to avoid sweating, plus the weather is gonna be reallly humid since there's a risk of rain so I've decided to go with crop tops, mesh shirts, skater skirts, short shorts and cute little dresses.

Sans titre #8

Last but not least, a snapback.
I've been buying them like crazy lately even though I don't wear snapbacks on a regular basis but they're just too nice not to buy them so if you see a tall black girl rocking any of these during this weekend say hi!
 (unless she looks nothing like me, then it probably won't be me).

If you have any more festival tips, share them below ;)

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