It's been months since I blogged and I feel like I need to justify the lack of consistency around here so here what's been going on.

Back in April, I took a trip to Jamaica with a friend for a week and decided that Jamaica is now my home away from home. I also went to the Dominican Republic this summer and got lost in the sea. On the music side, I saw STROMAE, Lauryn Hill, Justin Timberlake, went to OSHEAGA but missed BANKS because I was in Florida for work. I did yoga in the Old Port with LOLE and visited a vineyard two weeks ago with my parents who were here to visit me and my sisters for a month. I hosted an event at Le Germain Maple Leaf in Toronto for the launch of our new eye shadow collection, escaped for 30 minutes to Banff while I was in Calgary for an event with celebrity make up artist Kabuki and I went to the beach whenever we had free time at our annual work conference in Florida. I took more responsibility at work since my colleague went on her mat leave and I am now in charge of the Public Relations department but still taking care of everything 2.0 and office coordination. But I still try to find time to see my friends for brunch and impromptu photo shoots in the street.

You can still find me on Instagram or Twitter for more regular updates :)